Hi, I'm Joe

I am an industrial designer based in Los Angeles, California. Across the automotive, space, and robotics industries, I strive to create innovative products that can make a long-lasting impact.

Vehicle Design
In my current role at Tesla, I am part of the design team envisioning the future of sustainable transport.
Exterior design
At Ford, I was able to design vehicles for the future Lincoln EV lineup, reimagining what American luxury can offer.
Industrial design
At SpaceX, I had the opportunity to design exterior and interior components for Crew Starship - pushing for an inspiring look and feel for commercial spaceflight.
Thesis project
Canoo Phase Two is a platform I designed that provides a unique solution for urban commuters. Each vehicle module can connect to instantly serve a larger purpose - group travel, cargo transport and more.
Concept design
The Z Motorycle is a design concept that explores the potential of low-slung electric mobility, with a chassis that allows for swappable batteries while featuring an interative Z graphic display.
Rietveld Architects
Rietveld Architects is an award-winning architecture firm where I created digital and physical models for several commercial developments.
Other Work
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